| How to Update Aadhaar Card Name Address DOB through online link

How to Update Aadhaar Card Name Address Process

Union Government of India has introduced the Unique identification method formerly, which is called as Aadhaar Card. This UIDAI acts as identity and address proof of the candidate. Many of the Government schemes are tied up with the linking process of Aadhaar card. During the Aadhaar card registration or enrollment every candidate has to give their Finger Prints of both the hands, a photo capture through webcam and also some of the ID and Address proofs. After the processing of all these details Enrollment receipt is obtained and this paper is used to get the original UIDAI Aadhaar card. Update Aadhaar Card  Address

All the Indian citizens having an AAdhaar card can nuse it to get subsidy in Refill booking of Gas cylinder, scholarships for the students. Some of the problems a rised during the registration and enrollment process can be overcome by editing the details called the ‘UPDATE METHOD’. All those Aadhaar holders who are in need of updating their information like spelling mistakes, address changes, DOB entries, mobile registration can use the process of Update Aadhaar card data.

How to Update Aadhar card data like Address, name and DOB

There are two methods to update the information in the first provided aadhaar card. The two methods involved are like Online and offline method. Offline method is done using the application  form that has the content related to changes in the aadhaar card to be done and its concerned proof. Online method is totally the use of official website.

Offline Method

Every aadhaar card updater should decide the data to be updated first. Then download the application form provided in the below link. Enter the details of candidates to be updated. Note that the mobile number is mandatory for the registration purposes. Then attest the application form with the related updated ID proof or Address proof and send it to the postal address given here.

Application form link:\

Address for the post:

Post box number: 1947,



Email: [email protected]

Toll free number: 1800-2353-1947

Online Method

Online method is meant for the persons who are good at browsing and can do the procedure easily. Go to the official site Then go to the field Update menu there. Next click on Update Aadhaar data and click on online method. We have provided the direct link below for the online update.

Direct link to update Aadhaar online:

After you reach the above page, then enter the Aadhaar card number and one time password sent to the registered mobile number. If no number is registered before, only offline method is applicable,

Steps to download after getting the OTP (One time password):

  • Enter the OTP provided
  • Next page will be redirected to another page where the update can be down
  • Select the data to be edited like Name, Address , DOB, Mobile number
  • Next enter the fields empty and mandatory.
  • Attach or upload  the files like ID proof for the name change, address proof for the address change, DOB certificate for DOB change.
  • Then submit those details
  • Then you will be able to receive the update number like URN . Copy that number or download the URN paper for the further use.
  • The update can be done in 1 or 2 days after the day of editing through aegis or other BPO.
  • Check the status of process of update using the link given here. Use the Aadhaar card number and URN number

link to check the status of Aadhaar card update-

After checking the status if you get the message ‘your aadhaar update processed’ then download the e-aadhaar card’

Official site:

Download E-AADHAAR CARD here 

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